Amazing building mapping

Seeper is a London-based arts and technology collective that explores "natural user interaction, responsive environments, devices and architecture to create multi-sensory experiences and memories."

That description doesn't do justice to their performance last October at the IAC building in Chelsea, NYC, during the Vimeo Festival and Awards celebration. Displays like this will be commonplace in cities all over the world well before 2050, and Las Vegas would be a perfect place for them.


Life Springs Forth

All those who love gardens and the life that inhabits them will be enthralled by this film by Mirko Faienza. It shows his father's garden in breathtaking detail.


Building a City Out of Paper

Rob Carter is an artist with an intense interest in the built environment, and in this video he's created a fantastic time-lapse picture of how a city typically expands. When you consider that he'd done it entirely with pieces of carefully cut and trimmed paper, it's truly a mind-boggling achievement.

View the video here:


Paper Fight!

Some things are just awesome and don't need any commentary. Enjoy!


Milton Glaser Draws and Speaks

When I started formally studying graphic design in 1979, I quickly became familiar with the work of legendary graphic designer and illustrator Milton Glaser, creator of some of the most memorable and compelling posters, book covers, and identities of the past half-century, including the now-iconic "I (heart) NY" logo.

This video captures Glaser doing what is perhaps most fundamental to his work: drawing.